What is a multi tool?

Best multi tool brandsWhat is a a multi tool? Taken literally, the word could consider any device that has multiple function, say for example a carpenter’s hammer or perhaps a pencil by having an eraser on the opposite end. The simple truth is though, if you say the word “multitool”, then quite a few people visualize a couple of folding pliers, installed with folding blades and screwdrivers fanning out from the handles. Simply speaking, most people think of a Leatherman.

Although tools and knives with multiple functions have existed for centuries, the existing widespread use and acceptance of recent multitools could be traced returning to one man, and something stretch of time. The year was 1983, and after years of development, Tim Leatherman had re-introduced the earth for the multitool.

Other individuals quickly followed suit – big names like Gerber and Buck who had initially unapproved Leatherman’s designs ,quickly designed and launched their unique tools for taking benefit from the brand new and growing market. Other names like SOG, Bear MGC, Schrade Cutlery, Cooper and Sears also joined together with his or her designs, each one more sophisticated than the other. Perhaps the traditional Swiss Army manufacturers, Victorinox and Wenger, got linked to their own offerings.

Multitools have grown very quickly coming from a novelty to some world-wide phenomenon with others around the world using and dependant on them each day. Whether you have two or two hundred, have used them often or have only one out of case of emergencies, it is possible to appreciate the utility given by these incredible little devices. On these pages you can find more information in regards to the many functions and variations of multitools that exist past and present.

Leatherman multi tools

Although tools and knives with multiple functions have been around for centuries, the actual widespread use and acceptance of modern multitools is usually traced back to one man, and one period of time. The year was 1983, and after years of investigations, a first multitool device was invented by Tim Leatherman and presented to the public. The device was complex, with locking pliers and also sets of nesting jaws. Despite promoting his ideas all over the United states of America, Leatherman was struggling to find anyone who has been interested in his new invention. The knife companies thought it was a tool; the tool companies thought it was a knife. Nobody liked the high manufacturing costs of such a complicated device. Not until checking out the one more potential buyer, where it had been suggested that the tool be refined and simplified to emphasize only its most widely useful features, did the vision change.

Back for the drawing board, Tim Leatherman with the exceptional partner Steve Berliner reduced the tool’s complexity, cutting its wholesale cost from $40 to $20 and re-named it the Personal Survival Tool. Sales to mail order catalog brands like Early Winters and Cabelas followed immediately, then increased exponentially following that. Through the end of 1984, over 30,000 PST’s have been shipped. Ten years later as well as the production rate was up more than one million tools each year.

Today, over two decades later, Tim Leatherman’s invention has become a worldwide phenomenon. Many others have introduced their unique multi tools, forcing the Leatherman Tool Group to constantly innovate to be able to stick to top. Their line-up now includes over ten different tool designs, many tailored for specific activities. The Portland, Oregon based company employs about 400 people, and continues to produce numerous new tools and knives yearly.

Gerber multi tools

Gerber Legendary Blades was established in 1939 by Joe Gerber. Joe was the founder and owner of Gerber Ad agency, which opened May of 1910. Joe commissioned carving knife sets from the Portland knifemaker named David Murphy to provide as client gifts at Christmastime. People clamored on the quality of those gift knives, which inspired Gerber to create arrangements with Murphy to provide knives in quantity. The Gerber knife business was founded in 1939, along with the first sale were to the Abercrombie & Fitch in Nyc. Later, the corporation was sold to Fiskars, a Finnish cutlery manufacturer.

Gerber threw it’s towel in to the multitool ring in 1991 while using the introduction of the now-famous Multi-Plier. The tool was obviously a amazing success, and variations of the signature sliding jaw mechanism carry on being manufactured by the corporation today. Other multitool designs can also be found, demonstrating the remarkable variety and innovation that people have started to expect from Gerber multitools.

SOG multi tools

SOG originally represented Studies and Observation Group, one of the very top joint services military unit intended for covert operations during the Vietnam War. Sanctioned to build up and get their unique equipment, SOG launched a knife to use within a harshest environments on this planet. It truly is within the spirit of the elite that SOG Specialty Knives was founded.

SOG originally experienced the multitool game by importing the ToolClipand Micro ToolClip from Seki in Japan. Manufactured by master knifemakers, the standard was exquisite, even though the designs were somewhat unsophisticated. The appearance of the ParaTool in early 1990’s announced SOG’s resolve for persistance to unique engineering and American manufacture. It’s a principle that still exists even today; all SOG multitools are created and manufactured entirely in the United States.

 Victorinox multi tools

The corporation which became called Victorinox was started by the person called Karl Elsener, and also the knives were originally sold through his mother’s millinery from the German speaking city Ibach. His mother, Victoria was where half the business’s eventual name got the start in, additional half being INOX, that is French for  “stainless”, in mention of the sort of steel which was eventually used.

After decades of producing their staple Swiss Army Knives, in many variations, Victorinox jumped to the plier-type multitool market from the late 1990’s using their state-of-the-art SwissTool. Other designs include since followed, keeping Victorinox firmly established as being the multi-purpose knife and tool leader.

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