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1 Leatherman Mut
2 SOG B66 Power Assist
3 Leatherman Surge
4 Leatherman Wave
5 Leatherman Crunch

Leatherman Surge 830160 review

Leatherman Surge

Today we offer you the overview of the legendary multitool model – Leatherman Surge 830160. Leatherman Surge multi-tools are available with new hard pliers, long blade and easy to use wire cutters. This multi-tool has such useful features as wood saws and a diamond saw (just imagine it in the hand tool), two knives and extra-strong scissors are easily available for use. There are also four external open edge, to give you quick access to the tools that you use most often. Leatherman Surge 830160 boasts large and small bit holder and it comes in a leather sheath. The pliers have a greater compression force with less effort on the handlebars, and strong and sharp scissors.


Leatherman Wave MultiTool

Leatherman Wave multi tool

This best-selling Leatherman Wave tool has been redesigned, with larger knives, stronger pliers, longer wire cutters and all-locking blades. Manufactured from stainless steel, Wave uses a large bit driver-switch bits for more versatility, using optional bit set (not included).  Featuring 17 different tool and 2 bits, Leatherman Wave is recommended to use for camping, hiking and other adventure activities, as well as for everyday life. It was voted as one of the best 20 knives ever made, and remains of the most popular multi tools by Leatherman. (more…)

Leatherman Surge review

Leatherman Surge

Leatherman Surge is a solid and well-made multitool made to last for a long time. It is build with tough new pliers, long blades, and easy to use locks. The surge is an ultra heavy-duty tool with many features including a knife, blades and much more. You can use it for everything including cutting small trees, hanging pictures, small plumbing around the house, eye glass repair , can opener, screw fastener, the list is endless. (more…)

Leatherman MUT Tactical MultiTool

Leatherman Mut

The Leatherman MUT is the first multi-tool that functions as both a tactical and practical tool for military.

The multi tool might very well be the most efficient and useful piece in your kit.

When Leatherman began developing this item for the military they called in the experts, US Army Sgt. First Class Aaron Hampton and Sgt. First Class Robbie Johnson, both well-known military and competitive shooters, for their expert advice.

The MUT features multiple areas on the tool threaded for cleaning rods and brushes and all the screwdriver bits are sized for standard military and civilian sighting adjustment work.

Also built into the design of the tool is the flexibility to replace the most commonly used parts on the spot, using a simple Torx #8, keeping down-time to a minimum. With all this, a MOLLE sheath and scope adjustment wrench included, the Leatherman MUT may very well be the most efficient and useful piece in your kit.


SOG B66 Specialty Knives & Tools Power Assist Knife

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools B66-N Power Assist Knife

Sleek, attractive, and easy to operate, the SOG B66 PowerAssist multi-tool with black oxide finish showcases SOG sophisticated style and quality construction. Relying on the tool proprietary PowerAssist technology, this versatile multi-tool includes two SOG Assisted Technology blades — one straight-edge and one full-serrated edge blade.

The new SOG B66 PowerAssist takes multi-tools to a new level. This is the first in the world to house not just one but two SOG Assisted Technology(TM) blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available when the main SOG B66 tool is closed, and S.A.T. takes over to complete opening. When not in use, these blades lock closed using our patent pending side release. Flip open the SOG B66 and experience the precision of the heavy-duty plier capability and large wire cutters. Smooth handle surfaces promote comfort on even the toughest jobs. While open, five other components are now available and individually lock open with the new patent pending Piano-Locks. You’re going to love playing these keys! Also includesCompound Leverage(TM), gear covers, hex bolt construction, V-Cutter, built-in crimpers and matte black finish for low reflectivity.


Leatherman Crunch MultiTool

Leaherman Crunch

Made for the most demanding professionals and do-it-yourselfers, the multi-purpose tool features locking pliers that spread wide enough to clamp a 1-inch pipe, but it folds up into a tidy 4-inch, 6-ounce package for convenient storage in a pocket or bag.

Leatherman Crunch multi-tool includes a wide range of tools and each of the individual tools can be opened separately and securely locked. Tools lock is removed as easily as it is set – just by pressing a single button.
Main characteristics of the Leatherman Crunch tool are functionality, ergonomics, compactness and unprecedented ease.
In addition, the instrument has a variety of useful tools and functions, it is very practical and convenient. Its weighs only 170 grams and its length is around 10 cm (folded). This tool can be stored in the home, car, at work and you can always carry in your bag or backpack. (more…)